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Inject live architecture visualization, Get lower dev complexity

By the creators of Koin, the leading Kotlin integration framework

Easily understand your application architecture behavior in production to efficiently identify and resolve issues, reduce complexity, and increase performance

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They already monitor and optimize their developments with Cloud-Inject:

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cloud-inject features
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App Vitals

  • User base details
  • Crash Reporting
  • Issues ranking by impact
New features in 2024:
  • Application Not responding (ANRs)
  • Issues trends
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Performance & Benchmark

  • Android Activity/Fragment
  • Koin-related performance (start-up time, architecture efficiency)
  • Code Tracing
  • Session Replay
New features in 2024:
  • 3rd party library (retrofit…)
  • SDK used by 3rd party monitoring
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Architecture Overview

  • Timeline - Koin Live “Organic” View (Modules, Instances, Scopes…)
  • Issues Detection: Structure Complexity & Bottlenecks
  • Component Reusability Insights

Kotlin MultiPlatform: Advanced Application Services

  • Preparing you and your team for KMP with pre-migration Koin audits.
  • Expert-led workshops for your team throughout the KMP migration journey
  • Step-by-step migration of your dependency injection framework to Koin

Koin Professional Enterprise Support

  • Enjoy peace of mind for +18 months with Koin 3.5 Long Term Support
  • Get priority access to the Koin Expert team through dedicated support channels
  • Benefit from legal compliance engagement from Kotzilla
Use cases
Deep understanding of your architecture and related performances

Deep understanding of your architecture and related performances

Inspect your sessions to solve issues and better understand performances losses. Architecture bottlenecks, slow components, and App scalabiity challenges can be easily understood, tracked and solved.

And without instrumenting your code yourself, it is already pre-instrumented with Koin

We collaborate with our partners to develop the appropriate architecture technologies to help you design scalable applications with ease.

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Take charge of your Koin-based architecture

Gain insights to anticipate and resolve architecture complexities, structural flaws, and performance issues