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Stabilize Your Development with Koin 3.5 Long-Term Support

Enjoy peace of mind for 18 months with Professional Koin Services

Kotzilla ensures the maintenance of a Koin 3.5 version dedicated to enterprises. By taking accountability and offering premium support, Kotzilla guarantees a stable Koin framework based on Kotlin 1.0 language until at least December 2025

Discover the benefits of the Koin 3.5 LTS

Crafted by the Koin creators, this Koin Enterprise version is dedicated to teams looking for stability without compromising:

  • Stability & Compatibility
    Stability & Compatibility

    Rely on us for guaranteed features compatibility with the Android and Kotlin Ecosystems

  • Comprehensive Support
    Comprehensive Support

    Get priority access to the Koin Expert team through Slack and dedicated e-mail support

  • Transparency & Community
    Transparency & Community

    Have full access to the codebase and benefit from rapid integration of community-identified fixes

  • Legal Compliance
    Legal Compliance

    With an audited Apache2 license, operate with confidence as Kotzilla takes accountability to ensure your compliance

Discover Koin LTS now or learn more on our FAQ page!