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Kotzilla Introduces Long-Term Support (LTS) offering for Koin

The Koin open-source project follows a time-based release strategy, ensuring regular updates and new functionalities for Kotlin developers

As part of this strategy, new versions are rolled out every 6 months. During this period, the development team addresses users’ feedbacks and implements fixes and improvements based on the community's needs and availability

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Managing release challenges

Despite this community-driven support model, businesses may face challenges in keeping pace with our frequent releases, particularly due to:

  • 1
    Engagements in regulated sectors
  • 2
    Legal and documentation implications associated with library updates
  • 3
    Complexity in updating embedded technologies/IoT applications
  • 4
    Risks associated with technical debt or critical business issues

Benefits of Kotzilla' s LTS Version for Enterprises

Kotzilla proposes an LTS version with an additional minimum of 18 months of professional support.

This offering is tailored to address the specific needs of enterprises requiring:

  • Stability and predictability
    Stability and predictability:

    LTS provides a stable foundation, allowing businesses to plan and execute their projects with confidence, without the disruption of frequent updates.

  • Reduced maintenance overhead
    Reduced maintenance overhead:

    By extending the support period, we enable organizations to minimize maintenance costs associated with evaluating, updating, and documenting changes with each new release.

  • Enhanced Compatibility
    Enhanced Compatibility:

    LTS ensures compatibility by safeguarding against breaking changes or deprecations within the dynamic Android/Kotlin ecosystems, providing a seamless experience for developers and users alike.

  • Comprehensive Support
    Comprehensive Support:

    Kotzilla’s LTS offering includes incident support and bug fixing for issues that may arise during the support period.

  • Legal Compliance & Security
    Legal Compliance & Security:

    Kotzilla provides a warranty to ensure that the LTS code is free from any contaminating elements or unchecked code resulting from inappropriate merges of contributors’ code. Therefore, the warranty provided ensures that the LTS code adheres strictly to the terms of the Apache2 license.

How does Koin LTS work?

Koin 3.5 is the selected LTS version of 3.x series and the latest based on Kotlin 1.0.

Throughout the LTS period, Kotzilla commits to:

  • Ensuring the availability of Koin 3.5 functionalities
  • Providing timely responses to LTS incident requests within 72 hours
  • Keeping Koin 3.5 LTS version open-source and strictly following the Apache 2 license

LTS customers will have access to a private repository throughout the duration of their contract to obtain the binaries. Additionally, they will be provided with a dedicated GitHub repository where they can access, evaluate, and audit the source code if necessary.

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