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Empowering Kotlin Developers with Architecture-Focused Technologies

Kotzilla is the company created by the founders of Koin, the pragmatic dependency injection framework for Kotlin

Discover Cloud-Inject, an architecture observability platform built on top of Koin, allowing developers to easily understand application architecture behavior in production to efficiently identify and resolve issues, reduce complexity, and increase performance

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Koin - Simplifying DI and empowering developers in the Kotlin landscape

Koin is an open source dependency injection framework tailored for Kotlin developers.With its intuitive DSL and lightweight container, Koin simplifies dependency injection for any Kotlin application, including Android, Multiplatform, Compose and Ktor.

  • icon Dependency Injection
    The Kotlin Dependency Injection

    Koin framework lets you build your dependency injection in a breeze, with simple API and Kotlin DSL.

  • icon Android Architecture & Development
    Android Architecture & Development

    Koin can help you create complex Android mobile applications, so you can focus on your business, not your tools.

  • icon Kotlin Ecosystem
    Kotlin Ecosystem

    Koin connects on top of the Kotlin ecosystem: KMM (cross-platform mobile development), Jetpack Compose ...

  • icon Scale for Production
    Scale for Production

    Already used by thousands of companies in the world, Koin is ready to scale in production.

  • icon Multiplatform Ready
    KMM - Multiplatform Ready

    Using the power of Kotlin, Koin provides easy dependency injection across multiple platforms.

  • icon Technical Support
    Technical Support & Long Term Releases

    Our engineers are here to help you build solutions with Kotzilla technologies. We also maintain support for releases over time, to help you keep your production safe.

Koin is trusted by mobile developers around the world

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    downloads per month

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    github stars

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Enhance Your Koin’s Development Experience with Kotzilla

At Kotzilla, we're committed to improve Kotlin developers' lives and enhance the mobile development landscape by building the best mobile architecture-focused technologies

Introducing Cloud-Inject for Koin

Simplify your architecture visualization and streamline development complexity with Cloud-Inject. This commercial product, designed exclusively for Koin users, offers live architecture visualization, insightful performance monitoring, and issue resolution tools.

Cloud-Inject is trusted by leading innovators:

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LTS offering for Koin

Unlock the full potential of Koin with our Professional Support package. Benefit from long-term support (LTS) and expert guidance to ensure a secure and stable development environment.