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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Koin LTS?

  • How will I access the LTS version ?

    You will receive credentials for a private repository to obtain the binaries and for a private GitHub repository to continuously audit the code if needed

  • How does the subscription work to access the Koin LTS services?

    Focusing on long-term stability, we offer annual subscription, either with monthly payments or a discounted annual payment

  • Why select the Koin 3.5 version for LTS?

    Koin 3.5 is the most stable Koin version in Kotlin 1.0

  • Do you plan any other LTS versions?

    Not at the moment. We can assume the next LTS version will be Koin 4.x in Kotlin 2.0

  • Are you going to integrate all Koin 4.0 functionalities into the LTS version?

    The goal is to stabilize the Koin 3.5 functionalities, including Koin 3.6 ones, so we will not integrate the latest features from the Koin open-source version. However, we will integrate all necessary fixes, especially those related to security, and bug corrections identified by the community throughout the LTS lifetime

  • Can my team request specific functionalities for the Koin 3.5 LTS version?

    We are very interested in hearing about your needs, even specific ones. However, we will not develop a tailor-made Koin version as the LTS version is common to all Koin LTS customers. But, do not worry, our Koin expert team is always available for specific needs